The Alumni :

Umshyrpi College has emerged distinctively and marched ahead since the time of its inception on 1st August 1994.

The college since then is constantly gearing up to put forward students’ interests as its top priority. It is evident enough as its students have excelled not only in academics but in various fields of their choices and interests includingDefence,Law,Media, Social services, performing Arts, and many other aspects of society. The college has produced thousandsof graduates who are culturally and socially productive as functional citizens of the society towards building a great nation.

Possibly so, the Alumni’s response to the college is intact with its association as the Alumni Association formed in October 2018 is diligently working with the college side by side in aiding progress of the college. Itis so marked for the pastpupils that the teacher-students relationship is that unforgettable bond which keeps their spirit high in facing any challenges of life.

As student life is the most fulfilling time of life, the college has never set back in promoting what it believes “To impart education to an individual is to bear a torch, so that every nook and corner in darkness is brought to brightness of Reasons and Knowledge”.