Umshyrpi College National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit came into existence from 30th May, 2000, and since then it has been functioning vibrantly by producing a number of trained youths; many of these students later became successful in their academic and professional career. NCC plays crucial role in nurturing capacity building, personality development, patriotism, and making them socially and politically active citizens. The most noteworthy thing is that NCC encourages the students to pursue jobs in military service. The NCC motivates every youth to do something good for the nation. NCC is a mission.

NCC fosters discipline and unity in this diverse country in pragmatic sense. Cadets with strong will and determination are produced in the country with a mission to inspire the individuals, develop the society and the country through the mechanism of training imparted to them.

Discipline, honesty, modesty and bravery are the four pillars for the cadets. Without these four traits, there will be no difference between the cadets and non-cadets. The cadets need to cultivate the four qualities in toto.

Through various training programmes and activities, National Cadet Corps of Umshyrpi College, transforms the cadets to become active and conscious citizens. It streamlines the cadets to take up challenges of trekking mountains and builds the courage to stand up for the nation whenever they are required to do so.

Many at times, Umshyrpi NCC unit brought laurels in the State and National levels. The college provides excellent facility and support system for the NCC.

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