Dignitories Message



Dr. Md. Irphan Ahamed


The kernel of the service of a higher educational institute is to create conducive environment and ecosystem for nurturing humanism, reason, development of new ideas and truth. A searcher of truth must essentially be freed from prejudicial mindset and illusory fear. The most meritorious role of teachers is called for in liberating learners from anything that may hamper free thinking, objectivity and rational inquiry (Ijtihad) and thus an academic aura filled with objectivity, truthfulness and rationalism can be built. The founding fathers of the college envisaged this great dream in establishing the institute way back in 1994. In my twenty three years of service rendered in this college, I have observed one unique thing that this institute has done excellently in bringing about complete transformation of lives. We have couple of examples that the poors and dropouts have been raised to beome successful ones in all counts - academically, professionally and morally. Moreover, in terms of performances and results, we can proudly say that the college is not lagging behind other elite colleges of Shillong city and Meghalaya. But, our exceptional vision is that we don’t set any limit in its growth, the college must grow endlessly. In the same pace and intensity, professional career of teachers and staff is growing and will grow endlessly. We never set a limit point of the progress of staff towards prosperity. I am extremely hopeful that this college will grow tremendously because we have wonderful and resourceful sets of teachers and staff who are constantly supported by dynamic leaders of the Governing Body. Purity of intention, unity, commitment and academic thinking are a few crucial things to adopt in all our endevours for the development of the college. I congratulate the management as, sponsoring authority- Shillong Muslim Union, all the teaching and non-teaching on this silver jubilee anniversary of the college. Lastly, I pray to Allah Subhanallahu-Tala for those departed souls who gave service at any point of time in any capacity – either as members of GB or founding members.

Dr. Md. Irphan Ahamed, Principal