Sports & Extracurricular Activities

Sports, both outdoor and indoor, play an important role in the life of an individual. Every student is encouraged to take part in sports activities. Every year the college takes an active part in various sporting activities. Umshyrpi College celebrates its college week annually which is dedicated towards providing recreation and unfolding the creativity of the students. Outdoor sports, singing, dancing, floral arrangement etc. competitions are held and students are encouraged to take part in these activities.



Registration of Students :

On admission, students should collect the registration form from the College office counter for registration of their names to MBOSE/NEHU. This is compulsory for all students admitted to Class XI. The college authorities will not be responsible for any lapse on the part of the students in this regard.












Examination and Attendance :

  1. Regular class tests will be held for students of all streams during the academic session to ascertain their progress. The marks obtained in these tests are taken into consideration at the time of selection for the Board Examination.

  2. Students will be allowed to fill their final exam forms only after clearing their selection tests.

  3. Students are required to have a minimum of 85% attendance.

  4. Parents and guardians are ancouraged to check with the college from time to time regarding the attendance of their wards.

  5. A student absent for more than fifteen days without information will have his name struck off from the admission register.

  6. A student having less than the required attendance percentage may be debarred from appearing in the Board University/Examination.

Submission of Exam Forms :

  1. Students are to fill and submit their forms for the final examination within the date notified by the college for the purpose.

  2. The College reserves the right to refuse entertainment of the same after due date.

Scholarship :

Students belonging to Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste of different states of North East India may apply for various Post Matric Scholarships(PMS) provided by the respective states. The college cannot be held responsible for any kind of slackness on the part of the student/applicant in this respect. However for disbursement of scholarships students/applicants are directed to follow the following procedure.

1.   Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) of any state will be disbursed only on receipt of the same from the respective State by the college.
2.   A Student of Meghalaya under the PMS Scheme will have to have a bank account/number for the said purpose.
3.   Apart from Post Matric Scholarship, students of Meghalaya can also obtain the benefit of Border Area Scholarship and Free Studentship on fulfillment of criteria laid down by the Government.

College Magazine :

The college magazine is an annual publication aptly entitled “The Mirror” and is a joint effort of the teachers and the students. The students are encouraged to contribute towards the college magazine so that their creativity and talents can be enhanced and showcased.


Disaster Management Committee :

The Disaster Management Committee of the college and its various sub-committees comprising the teaching/non-teaching staf and the students are involved in a series of activities throughout the academic year such as training programmes, work shops, etc.

The Red Ribbon Club :

The Red Ribbon Club which started in the year 2010 under the Meghalaya Aids Control Society (MACS) plays an active role in holding AIDS awareness and other programmes in the college for the student community.


Youth Red Cross :

The Indian Red Cross was initiated for the purpose of inculcating in the Indian Children/Youth the ideals and practices of service especially in relation to :
i)    the care for their own health and others.
ii)   the understanding and acceptance of civic responsibilities.
iii)   the maintenance of a spirit of friendliness and helpfulness towards others not only in India but all
      over the world.

It is the desire of the college to bring the “whole person development” in the students, to imbibe in them the spirit of life, humanity and brotherhood, to lend a hand to those who are in need and to care for themselves and others. With this aim in mind we are glad that our college has launched a Youth Red Cross (YRC) wing on the 23rd September 2013 in which the students can enroll themselves to avail the opportunity of getting involved in different activities and social work, to build and broaden their outlook towards themselves and others and to be effective and fruitful individuals of the society.

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